It’s an initiation from the employer to enable employees to withdraw their salaries, for the days they have worked, at any time before the salary payday date.
empWel’s financial wellness solution integrates with the employer’s existing payroll management system to enable the transfer of real-time earned salary to employee’s account.
We have deployed firewalls for safety and security of employees data. Also, we do not share your data with any third party for commercial purposes.

It’s an easy 3 step process:

  • Download the app from google playstore or ios app store.
  • Complete minimum KYC.
  • Withdraw the amount

Once confirmed, the funds will be transferred to you instantly.

If your employer has collaborated with Empwel, you will be able to access earned salary.
The amount of salary that can be withdrawn by the Employee is dependent on three factors:- – Employee’s attendance updated by the employer – Monthly salary of the employee – Percentage of salary for withdrawal as set by your employer/HR. After considering the above factors, empWel determines and displays the earned salary limit on the app on real-time basis.
We are different from other lenders in many ways:

– We do not charge any interest or processing fee from you to withdraw the earned salary.
– You do not have to go through lengthy KYC processes and rejections.

– We do not access your personal data stored on your phone like other digital lending apps.
We only charge a nominal amount as technology usage charges which can be as low as Rs. 5.
We charge you this small amount in order to provide you a seamless experience of withdrawing earned salary directly in your bank account in seconds, much before your payday. This requires us to collaborate with your employer and various other vendors to create an efficient & secure and technological infrastructure.
Before transferring any amount to the customer’s account, obtaining KYC is mandatory for every financial institution like us (NBFC) as per the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI’).

It is a one-time process and is generally completed within seconds.

Just PAN and Aadhaar numbers along with bank verification are required.

The approval of documents is instant if your mobile number is linked with Aadhaar.
To transfer the amount directly in your bank account, you are required to input your bank account details and we will deposit Re 1 to verify that the account belongs to you.
Repayment of salary withdrawn is done via your employer. Your employer will deduct the amount withdrawn from your month end salary and pay it back to Empwel. The balance salary amount will be credited to your bank account on payday as usual.
After leaving the organisation, salary can be withdrawn up till the date as set by your HR.
You can contact us either at +91 96251 12201 or help@empwel.com.