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Entice and retain talent with EmpWel on-demand pay solution!

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Employee Wellness 100%

With changes in the world economy and increasing financial instability, employee financial wellbeing should be an important component of every company’s talent acquisition strategy.

Companies need to offer more than just a salary to attract and retain top talent. Owing to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, employees have reevaluated their needs - especially those related to financial security and well-being. With the changing tide, employers need to mould themselves and recognize the value of pay on-demand to attract and retain talented employees.

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The EmpWel digital platform is the most convenient, secure and expedient on-demand paysolutionthat enables employees to take-charge of their financial wellbeing. Our app offers financial literacy where employees can learn how to proactively manage their finances in the most efficient way and achieve their goals. This will have a direct positive impact on your business as employees will not be under financial duress and can focus on their work – thereby improving productivity.

EmpWel’s innovative technology introduces clear navigation features and offers instant access to cash. We enhance the user experience by offering options such as setting predefined withdrawal dates, incorporating beneficiaries, and administering budget – all done with a tap of a finger. Our platform offers complete transparency to both the employer and employees and extends real-time support.

The founders of EmpWel are the pioneers in the Earned Wage Access model in India. The team consists of individuals who are passionate about helping Indians get instant access to affordable cash whenever they need it.

Apporve Bansal

Co-founder, CEO
Lawyer, Chartered Accountant
7 years of experience in Financial and Legal Consultancy passionate about driving change in India’s credit ecosystem.
"We partner with companies that are empathetic and drive innovation in order to provide financial security for their employees, giving them better physical and mental health.”
Apoorve Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO

Sachin Jain

Strategy Head
Chartered Accountant
20 years of consultancy experience with expertise in financial & growth management.

Pankaj Bansal

Chartered Accountant
Financial services wizard bringing in 25 years of experience in building business practices.

Manoj Jain

Chartered Accountant
30 years of rich experience in different domains of consumer finance and capital market.