Equip your workforce

with Empwel’s financial wellness solution: Interest free access to earned salary and support in elevating their financial literacy.

Research shows

that a majority of employees don’t have emergency savings and unprepared for short term cash needs which impacts their absenteeism, directly linked to employer’s productivity.



employees fall short on an expense between pay periods. (Source)



employees find wallets empty before payday.
(EY study, Nov 2021)



employees felt that financial worries have adversely affected their health, work productivity and relationships at home, amongst other things (Source)



employees supported the idea of the involvement of their employer in managing their finances



Indians suffer from stress caused by work and financial worries, and this affects people at all salary levels (Source)

Make everyday a Payday for your workforce

Champion employee wellbeing through the EmpWel app -

the pioneer in on-demand digital pay solution in India. With our zero cost and hassle free employee wellness solution, companies can build financially empowered and motivated high-performance teams. In todays’ world, this is one of the surest ways to build sustainable teams and a positive outlook for your company.

Instant access to interest free earned salary to your workforce/people

Helps in building credit score and planning the finances better

A platform to enhance their financial literacy

Why you should partner with us?

Zero cost employee financial wellness solution

easy integration with existing HRMS

Enhanced employee satisfaction

increased productivity and reduced employee turnover

No risk to employer

easy integration with existing HRMS

Monitor employee financial well-being

a dashboard for analytic on employee usage

Feeling cash-strapped renders employees handicapped and debilitates their ability to perform optimally at work. With the empWel on-demand pay solution, employees can withdraw money at any point of the pay cycle and meet their financial obligations instantly.Companies can partner with us at zero cost to offer this service to their employees in order to attract, retain and empower top talent.

Financial wellness is the new trend

61% employers
have taken at least one action to improve the financial well-being of employees
37% employers
bring third-party vendors on-site to promote financial well-being

Take the first step to employee wellness!

Become an EmpWel Partner and add financial wellbeing to your employee welfare plan. Empower your workforce to make the right choice and enable better performance through better financial health for your employees.

At EmpWel, we believe in empowering the people that drive the nation forward. When employees are taken care of, the local economy is also supported and everyone benefits. Hence, it is extremely important to provide financial support to employees between pay days. Therefore, EmpWel makes every day a pay day.

empWel is an awesome place for getting funds at a short notice. I had been wanting to get Dental Aligners for a while now but the cost of them would never fit my budget. Thanks to empWel, that wish of mine was fulfilled. Not only was the applying process easy, I got the funds in my bank account instantaneously! I would recommend empWel to everyone.

empWel is a very handy app when it comes to raising additional resources to deal with sudden financial shocks. Recently, my partner and I were blessed with a cute little baby, but my monthly budget was shot in all the celebrations and building a nursery. Thanks to empWel. The happiest moment of my life did not become a financially stressful situation.

After spending months in lockdown, I wanted to travel out of the country with my friends and have a good time. empWel app turned out to be very convenient and a savior indeed! In the end, I could accompany my friends on a trip to Dubai and participated in the adventures making it one of the best experiences of my life.

As it was the festive season , I was looking forward to going shopping but my finances wouldn't let me. And then I empWel helped me out. The low interest rates and it's option of matching EMI's with salary cycle made me go for it. I was able to shop to my heart's content this season, all thanks to empWel!

Need Help?


A. Empwel has a convenient plug-and-play system that can be integrated with your existing payroll management system between 1-4 weeks. We will align a dedicated onboarding manager to ensure you have consistent support throughout the process.

A. No, there are no hidden costs, and this will not disrupt your working capital whatsoever. EmpWel will be responsible for crediting the withdrawn money to employees’ accounts before Payday without impacting the organization’s payroll process.

A. No – Our system is a technology-first solution that will integrate with your existing attendance & payroll management system. Upon successful completion, you will be able to carry on your routine tasks without even knowing anything has changed!